Investing in tourism

Investing in tourism

At Blackgang, the popular Cowboy Town has been remodelled and refurbished to make it even bigger and better than before.  New buildings include the grand National Bank with its safe and gold bars, a red ‘tin tabernacle’ Church, and the new General Stores – all sure to be a haven for would-be cowboys to stock up on provisions and get their own ‘wanted’ posters. Younger visitors will be able to enjoy a new covered tots play area.

Over in Restricted Area 5, there’s been a new arrival in the form of a family of Triceratops, which joins the other life-size moving dinosaurs that created such a stir last season.  The mighty Argentinosaurus is bigger than a double-decker bus, and one of the largest animatronic T-Rex in the country.

Meanwhile Robin Hill is set to take adventures to new heights with the opening of the new Canopy Skywalk. The first of its kind on the Island, and set high up in the tree top canopy, the Skywalk stretches for over 100 metres, weaving its way through the natural landscape above the trees.

The central viewing gallery is 10 metres high, and commands an amazing birds-eye view of the ancient woodland and beyond. With integrated metal grating carefully placed into the walkway, visitors can conquer their vertigo whilst experiencing the thrill of viewing the vast forest floor from on high.

The 2015 Frequent Visitor tickets for Robin Hill Country Park and Blackgang Chine are now available and provide unlimited admission to the parks throughout the season. Robin Hill, including the ‘electric woods’, is priced at £27.50 per person, Blackgang Chine at £28.50 per person, or both parks for only £53.50 per person.